Erotic Hypnosis by Merciless Angel

Become a slave with my powerful hypnosis

Welcome to my dungeon of pleasure and self discovery. Explore your mind while i guide you through the realms of erotic hypnosis and unlock all the possibilities within your meaningless existence. I will make you more docile, submissive and obedient, i will make you mine and show you how good it feels to be a mindless slave, to please your goddess, your merciless Angel. Worship me now! Give me all your love and admiration and i will set you free.

My Hypnotic audios will brainwash you into submission

My erotic hypnotic skills will be a life changer, be warned. If you dare to enter do it at your own peril, you will leave less than you were before, broken, submissive, exhaust, your own vitally sucked away and your mind turned asunder. Lose yourself into oblivion and crave my voice echoing trough the chambers of despair, while your body spasms in orgasmic bliss unaware of your demise. After all i’m not a succubus but an angel, a merciless one a mistress with wings wide as my voice and high as my will to make you heel.

The eroticism is just a gateway and i’m the gate keeper, only i can unlock your mind to a new world of pleasurable sensations. Let me destroy you and let this be a new beginning while i rebuild your mind from scratch to my own liking. I will leave a everlasting imprint on your soul than you won’t be able to shake off so easily. As you step inside my realm you fall under my control and you open yourself to my desires.

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